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Your air conditioning should be checked for proper operation and Freon Charges at least once a year. Freon is very hard to contain in an automotive system. The reason is your air conditioning compressor operates at all different speeds due to engine RPM. The rest of the system is comprised of many dissimilar materials that expand and contract at different rates and along with the movement of the engine, this allows a minute amount of Freon to escape. This is normal and that's why the system should be checked for low charge. You're probably asking yourself does that mean I have a leak; probably not, at least not significantly. Checking the amount of Freon in the system is very important because the Freon in the A/C system carries the refrigerant oil through the system to lubricate moving parts and seals. Insufficient Freon can damage the compressor, expansion valve and seals resulting in very costly repairs. You might also say I don't use my air conditioning the winter, but you do! Every time the defroster is turned on your air conditioning compressor engages to dry the air before directing it to the windshield. Waiting till your air conditioning is needed during warm weather to determine that the system is low on Freon may be too late to avoid unnecessary damage.

We at Dively's Garage are certified by ASE and MACS in the proper handling and have the equipment to handle both R12 and the new R134A refrigerant along with some of the most sophisticated leak detection equipment now available. For $59.95 we will service your air conditioning and perform the following procedures: clean condenser fins as required, inspect and adjust A/C compressor drive belt, performance test A/C for proper operation, inspect all visible A/C components for leaks using the most sophisticated leak detection equipment available and test antifreeze for proper mix. Due to the constantly changing price of R12 and R134A upwards, the refrigerant needed to fully charge the A/C system would be in addition to the above service, so don't delay. This service will help you to enjoy the same lever of reliability you have come to know and depend on. If you have any questions regarding the recommended service feel free to call and talk to me, and I will be more than happy to discuss them. So call today and make an appointment.

Over the last 16 years I have built Dively's Garage and my reputation one customer at a time!

Yours Truly

Ron L. Dively

ASE Certified Master Technician,


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