We at Dively's Garage would rather service your car than repair it although if repair is what your car needs there's no better place to go. With ASE certified technicians,the most complete automotive repair database from ALLDATA and the most up to date computer analysis equipment.

We stand alone in simulated road test and speedometer accurately test with our Mustang Dynamometer . The only accurate way to get through the On Board Diagnostic II drive cycle. A must in diagnosing 1995 and later emission and drivability problems. Along with our diagnostic software program from SIMU-TECH and Snap -On we also have a computer diagnostic platform from SPX corp.

Our goal is not confuse our customers but to educate them in the care and maintenance of there cars. The more you know the more valuable we can be to the longevity of your car so check out our maintenance explanations below.

Ron L. Dively





Why Preventive Maintenance

30,000 mile recommended services

60,000 mile recommended services

Timing Belts ,a very important service

Why flush your coolant system

Why flush injectors and service your fuel system

Transmission Service

The misconception of a tune-up

Spark Plug Wires

Electrical System Analysis

Power Steering Fluid

Air Conditioning Service

Wheel Alignment

What is the TRUE cost of driving

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